About Us

Charlotte Productions produces plays, either new writing or adaptations, that have a feminist agenda, voice a female experience and offer strong, interesting and often comic roles to women.

The company was started in 2009 by Laura Witz who began by adapting Lady Susan, an early work by Jane Austen, for the stage; we then took this production as a week long production to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010. In this first production and in all those that have followed, the focus has been on giving a voice to women and female characters and dispelling myths about female writers, such as the current trend in popular culture to associate Austen with a narrative concentrated only on a romantic storyline.

Since this first production we have produced a large number of productions set in various periods and telling various stories, some, new writing and others further adaptations of female novelists. The work the company produces is generally comedy, family friendly and always aware of the need to voice a female narrative. Plays range from Goblin’s Story – which used Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market to rethink the plight of the villain, to an adaptation of Scottish author, Margaret Oliphant’s domestic novel, Miss Marjoribanks and the recent, Seven Dwarves, a feminist retake on the Snow White fairytale.

Charlotte Productions has now produced five plays for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, numerous productions during the year and in September of 2014 we were invited to perform at the Jane Austen Festival with two adaptations of Austen’s work. The company also recently won the Edinburgh49 Prize 2014 for Distinctive and Memorable Theatre for Goblin’s Story, a play we produced in November 2013.

You can read more about past productions, reviews and awards, and audience feedback that the company has received, in the portfolio section of the site.